Thursday, October 27, 2016

Week 43 - It's getting cold


It's been another fun week here in Mongolia!  I ate at Burger King on Monday.  Don't judge me for going there again....I was with Sister Olsen so it was her fault :)  We also went to the big black market and looked at coats.  We are going again today because it was so stressful trying to pick out a coat that will be good.  Sometimes bargain shopping is stressful, but we had fun!  We taught a family home evening lesson last week, and it went really well.  We talked about the Atonement.  Going into the lesson we were feeling a little self-conscious about our Mongolian.  We wondered if our investigator really KNEW we loved her, but we weren't sure how we could show her or let her know with the language barrier.  As we were leaving, she said, "Thank you so much.  I love having you in my home. I love you.  You have such a special spirit with you."  It was such a miracle!  I love my investigators, and Heavenly Father is so good to me.  He makes up the difference.  And love is not a language you need to speak words to convey.  

On Tuesday we taught English.  No update yet on the boy and his date.  But he still has until tomorrow to report.  Maybe I'll be nice and give him another week :)  Other than that, nothing especially fun happened.  But I really do like English.  

Wednesday we waited for an appointment because we got there earlier than expected.  We ended up playing with this super cute boy who thought he was a super hero.  The only problem was that he pretended we were the bad guys. So I got punched by a 4 year old more than once!  But then we had some great meetings.  I love the people here!  We made dinner with a sister, too.  She is really outgoing and funny, and she taught me to properly cut cabbage.  It must be shredded instead of cut into squares.  I learned, though, and now I'm a pro at shredding cabbage!

On Thursday we taught a really great sister in the ward.  She gave us these cookies that I LOVE, so that was a plus!  All of our lessons start with us walking in and the people giving us a bowl with different breads and a cup of hot water or something like that.  And this time she opened up a package of my favorite cookies.  I was a happy camper.  

Friday we taught two less active members who actually ended up coming to church yesterday!  I love it when that happens!  They looked so happy there! :)  We also got to teach an investigator who got a job a few weeks ago and has been too busy to teach.  Miracles happen every day!!  She is doing well.  She is super busy, but it was so good to see her! :)

We stayed busy on Saturday with a district meeting and visiting members and new members.  I ate some good food, taught some lessons, and began the wearing of the face mask.  The air is getting polluted.  This is my life now.  

Yesterday was also good.  Church was good and afterward we made chicken nuggets.  It's my new favorite meal to make.  And then we met with a cute little family.  They are really fun!  

This week will be really adventurous!  It's TRANSFERS!  And there's a sisters’ activity on Saturday that the sister missionaries will all get to attend!  I'm so excited!  I'll probably stay busy eating ice cream, too.  Cuz that makes me happy!  I'm really doing what makes me happy!  

I love you all!

Sister Bottorff

I love the children...

and beautiful families...

and my companion and fun food...

but not face masks. We have to wear them a lot now that it's cold.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Week 42 flew by!

I keep saying I can't believe it's been another week, but REALLY!!! I can't believe it's been another week!  This week FLEW!!  

Monday was a day of rest!! We ate burger king!! And donuts!! We found a little donut shop and they tasted pretty good!! I can't remember if they taste like Dunkin Donuts or not.  That's a problem I keep facing...never remembering what America is really like.  But anyway....we wanted to go to a museum, but it turns out all the museums are closed on Mondays.  So that was a bummer.  But we walked around the main square and walked inside the big Blue Sky hotel for the first time.  We made an excuse to walk in and look around by needing to ask about a restaurant.  It was amazing inside.  I loved it!  Then we did family home evening with a really cute family in the ward.  We taught about service and drew pictures of ourselves serving.  Sorry I didn't take any pictures of that!

On Tuesday I taught English.  It's a full 8 hours, but it honestly goes by pretty fast.  The students are great!  And we have fun little conversations.  And some people ask really funny things like, "Can you tell me about gangsters in America??"  And I just look at them like..."sorry Do I look like I know anything about that???" haha

On Wednesday we went to the church to get a new missionary planner for me.  They cover 6 weeks, and I can't believe it's been another 6 weeks since I started one.  The time really flies here!!  Then we planned for the week and met with some of our members.  It was a great evening!

On Thursday we had a district meeting and that is always fun.  And then we went out and tried to meet with people.  Our last meeting of the day was awesome because we met with a new member and ended up meeting with their friends, too!  They are a great family who loved learning to pray for the first time.

Friday was another English day.  We had another full day.  And it was pretty fast.  We are becoming good friends with the cute lady in the cafeteria!  And the students are still as fun as ever.  I made a boy promise he would take a girl on a date in the next two weeks.  He's never been on a date, and about 5 girls in his group that night haven't either.  So I made him promise, and he'll report back.  I love my job!  haha

On Saturday we met with a less active and then had a really great zone training.  We talked about helping the people more and teaching them thoroughly.  I loved it!  And Sister White brought cookies! :)  Then, we met with a girl for the first time.  She is really interested.  She says she doesn't know much about Christ, so she's really excited.  And so am I!!  

Yesterday was church and meetings and it was good.  I'm understanding more like a solid 25% now, which is an improvement!  We also got to meet with a really nice member last night, and it went really well.  

The week totally flew by.  I can't believe it's Monday again and that transfers is in a week and a half! Who knows what this one will bring!  I am excited for this week and all that will happen!  Life is good!  I love you all!

Sister Bottorff

Really cool wall art

A visit with Chinggis Khan - a man of few words

Did I mention that I love donuts?

The lady by a lake

On our way to visit people - good times!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Week 41 - Halfway!

But how?? What??? Ahh!!

I'm halfway now!  Weird.  But it's been good!  Life is good!  On Monday we went to the State Department Store (just a fancy mall) with Sister Olsen and Sister Bollwinkel.  Good times - we ate Cinnabon and bought souvenirs.  Well Sister Olsen and Sister Bollwinkel did. Haha  Afterward, we went to a family home evening with a cute little family in our ward.  They are adorable.  I love them!  We ate chocolate and talked about prophets.  I love FHE!

On Tuesday we taught English all day.  The students are pretty fun.  I love talking to them.  I asked them where they are from, and one responded with, "Mongolia."  He was being kinda funny about it.  So I dropped my jaw and was like, "WHAT?? REALLY??" Everyone was laughing so hard.  I just love laughing!  It's the best!  

Wednesday was fun because we made huushuur with an investigator.  She was a cook before she retired, so her food was amazing.  And I got better at pinching the dough so that it looks pretty!  She kept complimenting me, and it boosted my confidence, especially considering other people have given up on my huushuur making skills in the past because I was SO BAD.  Anyway, that was super fun!  And then we taught English in the afternoon.  The students are so fun!  There was a freshman conference thing, so the lab was empty after about an hour.  Not bad!  They seem to love the lab!  

On Thursday we planned for the week and then saw a less active lady who is really amazing.  She had a great meeting with us and then we went to a district meeting.  The day just flew by, but not much else happened.  We made chicken nuggets for lunch and that tasted so good! :)  

Friday we did service.  I thought it would just be some regular cleaning, so we wore skirts.  But we ended up scrubbing floors and picking weeds and hauling stuff around.  Oops.  Sister Guild was right....we should have worn pants.  My bad...  But the service went well! And we helped a new sister in our ward, so that was great!  After service, we taught our investigator about scripture study. I love the scriptures!!  And the evening was topped off with a visit to a new member girl and talking about the plan of salvation - my favorite!! I love being a missionary!

On Saturday and Sunday we had General Conference!  All the missionaries got together and watched.  It was amazing.  We had a pot luck yesterday with all sorts of fun American food.  Life is good.  I'm doing well.  I ate cookies from Sister Harper.  And an elder brought Mac-and-Cheese.  So don't worry about me!  No weird sheep insides this week!  I'm so spoiled! :)  

I love you all! Thank you for your support the last 9 months! Here's to 9 more! :)  

Sister Bottorff

Making huushuur...

I love life!

I love my companion - and ice cream!

And Sister Hanson!

Did I mention - I love life!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Week 40 - Wonderful people, great friends, service, a funny story, and a baptism

My week as been so fast!! I can't believe it's been another week!  And now it's OCTOBER!!!

Last Monday was so fun!  We went to the biggest black market in UB and got all the winter scarves and gloves and hats we needed!  So fun!  I should be set.  Today we will buy the coats and boots.  Then we Family home Evening with a member family.  Funny story...we went to the distribution center (like a book store) to get the magazine with the article we wanted to share in the lesson.  So I picked up the one with the right story in Mongolian.  Then we got to the lesson and I asked the 16 year old to read it.  He really struggled.  That happens sometimes, but he was REALLY struggling.  Then his sister helped him.  It was all crazy and not understandable.  But that also happens sometimes.  Then, I said, "Do you want ME to try to read it?"  The boy said, "I don't you know Russian???"  We all busted up laughing because it turns out the magazine was in Russian!  Oops.  They were champs and I tried to just tell the jist of the story the best I could.  Hahaha

On Tuesday we taught English - it was so fun!  We just talked to the students a lot and ended up talking to a few students in small groups.  They all wanted to know the juicy details of my life.  They love love.  And they're all about 18 and so cute!  They asked about my first date and if I went to prom. haha They're adorable!  One girl doesn't know much English so she pulled out Google translate to tell me she likes my eyelashes!

On Wednesday Sister Harper came over for companion study.  I loved it!  She had amazing insights, and I am so glad she came over. I love her!  Then we met with people the rest of the day.  I love our people!  We did service at one member's house - we scrubbed her ceiling.  Good times!  Everyone laughed at me because I was tall enough to wash them without a chair to stand on.

Thursday was also fun!  We went out with our ward missionary after weekly planning.  And I loved it!  We taught each other songs.  She taught us songs in Mongolian and we taught her English songs.  Good times!  

On Friday my investigator from Unur got baptized and I got to go!  We also ate at KFC because we got there early.  I was so happy for her!!!  And I saw all of my Unur friends.  I felt like I was home again!  Also, we wanted to meet a new member, but after hours of trying to find her ger, we did and she had moved.  Oh well.  The baptism after that made it all worth it.  I loved that evening.  

Saturday was also a fun adventure!  We had a meeting in the morning with a new member and then studied and then had a meeting for English.  That was a blast!  Thank you, Sutphins, for the cake!!!  Then we met with a wonderful lady and her adorable kids!  They sang us the ABCs!  And then we ran back to the city center for district meeting.  We got stuck in terrible traffic and we literally ran for about a bus stop length.  I hate running....but oh well.  District meeting was great!

On Sunday we had church and then met with our two investigator families.  I love the people here!  I'm so blessed to be here and and to be meeting these amazing people!  I'm the luckiest girl in the world!  I love you all!!

Sister Bottorff

Every day is a good day for pizza! Right??

I love where I serve!

It's a sign! Really!

Fun companions.