Sunday, June 18, 2017

Week 76 - Tom's, Twix, and tender mercies...


Another great week has come and gone!  Time keeps flying!  Tonight, I get my LAST transfer call ever!  And I can't believe it.  I'm kind of in shock, but I'm excited to see what my last transfer has in store!  

As for this week, though....

It's been great!  On Pday we went shopping with Sister Tillery and Sister Mason!  I got some summer clothes and some cute Toms!  Real life Toms and they were $12!  I'm in love with this place!  My companion also bought Easter lilies for me.  Just because.  I'm so spoiled.  And the flowers have been gracing our presence ever since.  When I study across the room from them, I can smell their goodness.  

Our investigator family is doing just great!  The triplets are off to camp.  I miss them so much.  But they will be back soon.  And I can't wait to see them! :)  I love them so much!  

We went to Hard Rock for lunch this week with Sister Shreeve and Sister Olsen.  Good times.  The food is to die for, and the company was top notch.  I love the sisters in my mission!  They are the best!  Sister Olsen heads home this week! It's been fun to spend some quality time with her! :)

The sweet grandma that we visit got knee surgery this week.  She walked there and back all by herself. She didn't tell anyone she'd be getting the surgery, and we happened to stop by RIGHT as she was walking in.  So we helped her home.  It was a tender mercy.  I may have had a mini heart attack, but all is well now, thank goodness.

We also visited another wonderful grandma.  We stopped by unannounced, and she was excited to see us.  Unprepared to greet us with snacks, she sent the men of her house to the store, and halfway through the lesson, we were interrupted with a bag of Twix and a thing of cookies.  She forced us to stuff them in our bags and take them home.  She's the best!  On the way home, we came across a cute little group of kids riding their bikes and hanging out, so we handed out the Twix.  They were so excited, and it made me happy, too! :)

Life is so good!  So full of blessings!  This week has been no different.  

Love you all!

Sister Bottorff

Real Tom's - they're so comfy!

Lunch at Hard Rock! What else can I say?

These lilies warm my heart

The pollen is so thick it looks almost like snow

I love the countryside here

I still haven't ridden a camel, but these statues are cool!


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